Monday, September 26, 2011


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Today's Quote: "To live life so startling it leaves little time for anything else." ~ Emily Dickinson

Today's question: What is startling about your life?

A Bit About Me:
When I googles 'startling' it said Very surprising, astonishing or remarkable. I think that is a great way to live life...don't you?
So as I look over my own life right now I ask myself the same question taking the definition into consideration.
So here is the answer- I surprise myself recently with my comfort with going out and networking. I see it working and so am not so afraid of it anymore. I actually love getting out of the office now and am doing it more and more.

My life is astonishing as many many things keep falling into my lap when I ask for them (I know now, never to question that) it just simply works and now I just have to say I am going to win the lottery (what better way to help my fellow earth dwellers?).

Remarkable- well it is remarkable that when faced with challenges that used to scare me off now have me raring to go! It is remarkable also that I have so far stuck to my 90-day fitness
challenge and am actually loving it....✓

How can you make your life a startling story??

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