Monday, September 05, 2011


Today's Quote: "Congestion, in terms of overcrowding or overfilling, clutters our life and makes a mess. Life would be simpler without it." ~ Yvonne Anderson

Today's Question: Where do you see congestion in your life?

A Bit About Me:
What I see as congestion is a cluttered desk, home, mind, garden, office. Like a traffic jam with cars nose to tip slows the speed of the traffic stream, congestion in other areas of our life does the same, slows us down.
The piece of paper you need and can't find amid the piles of paper, the room in your house nobody wishes to go in as it is chock full of stuff, the many bits of information piling up in your head and the garden which has seen better days and is overgrown with weeds.
When I get in order and assist my clients to get in order, the changes that can happen are amazingly brilliant. When we get rid of the congestion, we can move on smoothly and only work with the tools we need and get rid of the clutter and the piles which we no longer need.
I am inviting you to take me up on this CONGESTION SUGGESTION!!

1. Make a list of everything in your life that you feel is congested (garage clean out, clearing out a closet)
2. Divide this list into tasks you can do over the next few weeks (take old stuff to charity shop, have a garage sale).
3. Start doing one thing a day, even if it is only a spare 5 minutes) and do one task on your list.
4. Enjoy the easier more calmer breathing as YOUR congestion diminishes.....

As your life becomes less congested please write and tell me what new opened up for you. When we clear out the old, we make way for the new and in my experience this has happened too many times to me and my clients for it to be a fluke!!

Enjoy :)

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