Monday, February 14, 2011

Inferior or Superior

Today's Quote:

"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior." ~ Henry C. Link

Today's Question:

Where in life are you hesitating? What would it take to make a leap?

A Bit About Me:
There is something I am holding back on.....a little nudge and I could have exactly what I have always dreamed of. I love this quote as it reminds me to leap. There have been so many more things in life I have made mistakes with and they have led to much greater things....what am I waiting for??

Sunday, February 06, 2011


The other day I came home from a 3 day trip up in Gisborne. I arrived in Wellington and hopped into a taxi. The driver grinned at me and asked where we were off to today. I told him where and he started up the engine. We started chatting and he asked me to guess where he was from...I said Egypt, he said close, Jordan.
We started an easy banter and as I looked down to find out this lovely man's name I saw the name HAPPYMAN on his ID card. I said is that your real name? He said no but it is who I am.
I liked this so much that we started chatting about happiness and positivity and how important they are for a good life. He used to be a foreign diplomat and had travelled extensively, now he says he gets up when he wants and drives his cab during the day on his terms and that makes him happy. He said something that I have long thought to be utterly true.

Today's Quote:
"People wait until they one day acquire something so they can be happy. I'll be happy when.....when they should have inner happiness all the time."

Today's Question:
What are you doing today to find your inner happiness?

A Bit About Me:
Sometimes, I'll admit, I do think to myself.....well I will feel so amazing once I have lost these kilo's I have put on whilst being here in New Zealand. I know that I can choose to feel that happiness now, after all I am doing something everyday towards my goal of losing this weight. Yes, it will be nice when I can fit into my clothes better (without having to buy a whole new wardrobe) but will it make me any happier than I could be right now, this minute....?
To find my inner happiness I meditate, do yoga, cuddle my husband, read a good book, get excited about my body changing every day little by little and be content with having this moment- the only one I have.

P.S, I got HAPPYMAN"S number so I can experience his infectious joy every time I have to get in a taxi here in Wellington...I would like to have him as a dinner guest too. I bet he has all kinds of travel tales.