Monday, September 19, 2011

Happens in a blink

Today's Quote: "I refuse to allow life's challenges to fuel my excuses, I will instead embrace my adversity, adapt to my circumstances and use this moment as the catalyst for making the lives of others around me better. I will never stop fighting forward." ~ Dustin Hughes

Today's Question: Which of life's challenges are you using to fuel your excuses?

A Bit About Me:
I am writing today's blog post from my bed. I woke up with a really dodgy stomach (something I must have eaten...), In the same vein as Friday's post, this video link was on a newsletter written by one of my favourite authors and coaches and I had to share. Just look at all those quotes!!! I am going to be using some of these in upcoming posts.
Life can challenge us and we have a choice. I choose to embrace my gift and the love junkie in me and even though standing up and talking in front of people was never high up on my list, it is what I will embrace to get the message of conscious communication out there to the world.
Life does happen in a blink but you can impact those around you so that blink is the best it can be!!

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  1. Yes Yvonne, It is amazing what we 'use' as fuel. If there was a simplistic set of instructions, I would point it to that mental perspective switch. Everything including the 'me', just IS. Seeing through and navigating we seem to make as challenging. Inspired by your use of 'blink' - that is all it takes......not when the planets align, rather, in the moment we 'blink' so!


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