Friday, April 10, 2009

Slightly more

Today I am giving you a passage which I read from a magazine I can't recall by a man whom I had never heard of.

I liked it though. He was commenting on the financial downturn and a new way of being.

" It's a series of forces coming together and we go down a new path. That path is slightly more virtuous, slightly more frugal, slightly more back to basics and slightly less excessive in a material consumption sense." David Chalke

My questions to you are:

What might your new path be?

Are you already on a path?

How can you be a little less excessive?

Couldn't find much on David Chalke other than he is one of Australia's leading social analysts.


  1. Honestly, we gave up a lot a few years ago to live a simpler life. All that's left to give up is new underwear and food. I'm keeping new underwear!

  2. Ha ha.

    I am looking forward to living a simpler life. Don't know if you have seen my other blog

    There is a post all about it. Maybe I could get tips from you. x


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