Thursday, April 16, 2009

The hill

Today's quote:

"If life is a race to a hill then that's not living." Yvonne Anderson

Today's question:

Are you racing towards something only to be running past the beauty of your life?

My thoughts:

I always thought that you needed to be going towards a hill. Some people have big hills that they can go towards and some people have small hills. Some get in a helicopter and go straight there but me...I like to walk through the village, talk to the people, take a detour or two and get caught up in the beauty of life around me. The hill is a metaphor for a place you want to be...a career you wish to end goal.
Some people need to get there super fast but I'm slowly learning that this just isn't me. I like to see the hill yes, but if i never get there then so be it. The hill isn't everything. You may get there and realise that it wasn't all you made it out to be.
Take time to enjoy the journey of this beautiful life....

1 comment:

  1. This might just be one of my biggest battles, to not always rush headlong at that hill. I have to remind myself often to slow down and


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