Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today's quote:

"If one really loves nature, one can find beauty everywhere." Vincent van Gogh


What will it take to open your eyes and find the beauty surrounding you?

A bit about me:

I really am a nature lover. I love nothing more than taking walks amongst tall trees and listening to all the sounds of nature- it fills me to the brim.
Lately I have not been seeing the beauty that surrounds me as I am going through a lot of change which is quite emotional.
I need to remind myself that what we look for is what we get. As I have been ignoring all the beautiful things, I have been feeling low. This quote reminds me that yes, we can have our down times but we need only look outside, even to our own backyards to find beauty again which ultimately uplifts (well at least for me)....


  1. YES!

    It was amazing, yesterday we four went for a walk through a local park. I was quite busy feeling sorry for myself, still snow, in my shoes, friggen wet feet, poor me...and then a breeze passed by and these incredibly thin but so tall pine trees started swaying. I could hear them cracking and wondered how they might survive a real wind. I laid down in the middle of them. The pine needles were so thick and comfortable and the trees moved all around me like impossibly long arms reaching to the sky. Should of just stayed there. Lovely, it was.

  2. Oh Erin,

    glad to see that you were in the moment. What a lovely moment to have been in!
    I love looking at those impossibly long arms too.



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