Monday, August 01, 2011


Today's Quote: "We can control our lives by controling our perceptions." ~ Bruce H. Lipton

Today's Question: What would your life be like if you controlled your perceptions?

A Bit About Me:
I think a lot about perceptions. How I perceive a situation in my life can alter the very course of my life. I can let things bring me down just like the next person but my aim is never to dwell in it. I ask myself, what am I getting out of perceiving the situation this way? What is another way to perceive this situation- a better way, a more gentle and loving way? Often when the answer comes to me the situation is no longer as huge an issue and I can do something more positively about it.
Using your senses, insight and intuition more can be hugely beneficial in dealing with the dramas in your life. Control is something we all try, but we usually aim to use our control when something is simply none of our business. We can only control how we are, not those around us. Be more in the business of you than the business of them.
An remember, if I place a mug in the centre of a round table and ask people sitting round the table to describe it in detail, a few will swear blind that there is no handle yet it can clearly be seen and described from people on the other side.

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