Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peace & Unity

Today's Quote:“Awareness creates action and action will save lives. Music is one of the key tools we use to raise awareness of Peace Day 21 September.”~ Jeremy Gilley, founder and chairman of Peace One Day

Today's Question: How aware are you? Of yourself? Of the world?

A Bit About Me:
I recently watched Jeremy Gilley's talk at TED which was about Peace. He speaks passionately about uniting and living in a world of peace. Some amazing things have come from this one individual who is aware, has a purpose and is taking action towards it!
It made me think of how aware we are of ourselves and the role we play however small or big we may think it is, in making the idea of unity a possibility.
I have been developing some workshops to deliver into workplaces here in NZ and hopefully further afield but is it enough and will enough people believe in it for change to be possible? I really don't know the answer and sometimes I feel like I am doing too little. Then I got to thinking that however small my part may be in making this a reality at least I am doing something. I am even going to join in on Peace day this September 21st. Check out Peace One Day's site here and get involved and in that way we can all work on this together and give peace a chance.✌

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