Monday, August 08, 2011

Parts of you

Today's Quote:

"My legs not be as thin as they were in my earlier years, yet they know now where they are going." ~ Yvonne Anderson

Today's Question: What part of you do you find older but wiser?

A Bit About Me:
I was thinking today about growing another year older and I was struck by how much I have grown just recently. My body is growing towards a different but better place. A place where I can look at imperfections and not feel disgusted by them and even though I am working out daily and eating well, it is no longer my sole intention to do it for looks. I actually madly love working out, have done since I started doing the Elle McPherson workout when I was a youngster. It is a practice I will continue once I shed the next 10kg's...
I believe that we could all eat well and be healthier humans and in doing so we would have less of an impact on the resources of the world- I am talking healthcare here. Prevention is way better than curative.....
Stay well and work out what parts of you could do with kind words and insight xx

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