Monday, May 02, 2011


Today's Quote:

"The world is undergoing a profound shift as more and more people realize that all change and transformation is brought about by our thoughts, intentions, and our attention," ~ Deepak Chopra

Today's Question:

What might your profound shift be? What is your intention?

A Bit About Me:
I wrote a mission statement after reading a beautiful book by Deepak Chopra and it could also serve as my daily intention in all that I do.

My mission behind everything I do is to inspire the world and create harmony, peace, independence and do everything with Love & Empathy.

To some this might sound rather airy fairy but for me when I dig deep in my soul, that is what comes forth every time. It is my reason for being and my true passion in life. To live with empathy is of the utmost importance to me and if people don't like the terms then I am okay with that. The people who do will be the people to come into my world and I am okay with that too.


  1. How does one recognise this profound shift and make the intention?

    I have come to learn that the sole purpose of my life is to be kind to others.

  2. I believe that is a beautiful purpose of being Anon.


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