Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Today's Quote:

"Life is not difficult; it’s your thinking that makes it difficult." ~ Byron Katie

Today's Question:

Where is your thinking making life difficult for you and those around you?

A Bit About Me:

I liken some thoughts to a fly getting stuck in some sweet sticky honey. It will beat its wings as fast as a newborn's heart, possibly trying to get unstuck.
We get so entrenched in our own thinking that we believe our thoughts to be so true that it may be keeping us from the very thoughts which would truly set us free from the stuck place.
Every time I try something new I start off like the fly in the honey but after doing the work of Byron Katie, I can usually inquire into my thoughts and now every day is filled with freedom from this limiting thinking. She is so spot on sometimes I wonder where she comes from....then I realise it's the same place we all come from...source. We all have it in us, it just needs to be coaxed out. I love working with my coaching clients to get to this beautiful mind space and live a life they love....

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