Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If I should have a daughter

Today's Quote:

“… always apologise when you’ve done something wrong but don’t you ever apologise for the way your eyes refuse to stop shining. Your voice is small but don’t ever stop singing.” ~ Sarah Kay (Poet) from her 2011 TED talk which you can find here.

Today's Question:

What are you apologising for lately? How can you use your voice to sing and your eyes to shine?

A bit about me:
Do you ever think about what people would say when you expect them to apologise....
" I'm sorry I didn't get it exactly the way you wanted me to"
, "I'm sorry it wasn't fast enough" , "I'm sorry for the way I looked at you, maybe I was sad that day or had something in my eye", "I'm sorry I didn't make that deadline, I have just been told I have cancer". "I'm sorry I let the abuse continue and stayed where I was...small and weak. "I am sorry, I'll be better, I'll be perfect and when you seek out my faults with your cynical eyes and show me my weaknesses' by shining a flashlight on them, I will finally see you for the first time as the instigator in my world of sadness and step out the door with my head held high.....
Gosh, think Sarah inspired me......
Anyway, I am stopping apologising for who I am and instead get about the business of being authentically me. I am allowing my eyes to shine in wonder at the beauty of this universe and singing my song to the world...xx Yvonne


  1. so true Yvonne! I can't even begin to imagine the number of times in the past that I have apologised for who I am. Thank you for the lovely reminder to always be "authentically me".
    There's a lovely quote that I often think of when remembering to do this... "Be you and change the world. Be not you and suffer the world."

  2. I apologise all of the time too, for everything even when it is not mine!!
    My friend told me to stop that I was alright and good and I didn't have to apologise to every one.
    I appreciated that, I think about it now when I start to.
    The only thing I can think of is that I was always doing it when I was little.
    I also do not want to pass this on to my grand daughter who I watch all of the time.
    She is perfect ;-D
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sam- I love that quote too. Who you are is awesome!

    Marie- You are perfect just the way you are!

  4. Forgot to add that usually, things that com up in adulthood as challenges are often unresolved or unhealed things from the past. When we can sit with the uncomfortable feelings long enough we can dig deep and go through some unpleasantness but ultimately it is absolutely freeing!!


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