Monday, October 31, 2011

Thinking Vs Reality

Today's Quote: "You’re just suffering from the belief that there’s something missing from your life. In reality, you always have what you need." ~ Byron Katie

Today's Question: What beliefs are you suffering from? Is it time to change your thinking to better serve your life?

How I Apply:
I go back again and again to Byron Katie's work. Our suffering is a result of our thinking. I presented recently on stress resilience and someone asked me how her thinking would cause her suffering. Here was my answer:
Imagine you don't get on well with your manager. They boss you around and put you down and generally aren't nice for you to be around. So imagine you go home and you complain to anyone who will listen and tell them how horrid your manager is and how unfairly you feel you have been treated. What has happened is reality (your boss may not be very nice to you) and what you have attached to that is the thinking..they should be nice to me, it must be different, this is terrible and you go round in an emotional cycle.
Or you could choose to say you know what I am going to relax in a bath, have a glass of wine or whatever and realise that this is the way of it and not attach all the angst. The situation hasn't caused your suffering, your thinking around it has.

It is the same with something we feel is missing...more money, a slimmer waistline, a great job, well behaved children. When we perceive these things to be missing from our lives then we wind up being unhappy- we put ourselves there simply by thinking. If we can do that then we can change our thinking and change our lives.

This can be a huge challenge for people as we constantly fight with reality. No amount of being in other people's business will change that person and the way you perceive they treat you. You can be free simply by changing your thoughts around the situation.
I invite you to take one situation in your life and see what options you can come up with of how your thinking can change to one of angst to one of peace. Start small and go from there.

Ask "What am I thinking about.........and how is this thinking serving me right now?" & "What is missing from my life and when I think about it how does it affect me in everyday life?"

Then ask "What new thinking would I like to have around this situation that would empower me?"

Go on...✍

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