Friday, October 14, 2011


Photo- creative commons- Daniel Paxton

Today's Quote: "You are the music while the music lasts." ~T.S Elliot

Today's Question: What kind of life music are you playing?

How I apply:
The music I talk of here is the music of your soul. I heard Dr Wayne Dyer once say that we should never die with our music still inside us. If you have a knowing that there is something in this life that you are meant to do then begin little by little composing the notes that may bring you the music.
I let my music play by loving, living life to the fullest, acting with kindness and ultimately seeing myself as part of a collective and not separate from anybody.
You could be a great artist and yet have never picked up a pencil or brush, you could be a great writer yet not let one word fall onto a page, you could be a great musician yet your fingers have never touched one instrument, you could be a fantastic actor but have never graced a stage with your presence.
In which ways could you begin the exploration of your unique music?

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