Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today's Quote: "There are many paths but only one journey." ~ Naomi Judd

Today's Question: Whose journey are you on?

How I Apply:
We travel many paths in our lifetime. Some are smooth and hassle free, some contain uneven surfaces that cause us to stumble and some are steep and arduous. Some we travel alone and some we share with others. Some lead to darkness and some lead to light. There are many paths in this world and yet only one journey. The journey of your life!
Yet sometimes we are so busy looking at the lives of others. Have you noticed? We tell others what to do and how to be, we comment and dissect, we pick apart and sometimes tear down. Some of us may be doing this out of pure love for the other person. We tend to have people's best interests at heart but we have to admit that sometimes we meddle too much in the lives of others.
I call this being on someone else's journey.
When I find that I am getting into this space, I take a mental step back and ask as the great teacher Byron Katie "Whose business am I in right now?" If the answer isn't "mine" then I stop and close my lips to keep from opening up something that may not be the best way forward.
Whose journey am I on? Only mine and it is wonderful and blessed and fraught and scary and light and dark and full and bright...

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