Monday, July 20, 2009

Inner Wisdom

Apologies for the lateness of this post.

I have been resting away from the computer for many days now due to a neck stiffness (an old injury). I was thinking that
I sometimes may repeat myself in certain posts and although the quotes are different and I ask questions relating to them, the essence may be the same. Questions may be asked in a different way over and again, yet I believe that people continue to do the same things day in and day out and repetition may be required. Therefore I do hope that you continue to gain something from reading this blog regularly!

Today's Quote:

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." ~E.E. Cummings

Questions for today:

Reaching down into the very depths of your inner you know who you really are? What you are truly capable of? Where you are on this wonderful journey? Where you are in relation to what you want?

About me:
At each point in this journey of life, we can change the focus, change our thoughts, change and grow to accommodate new things in our lives. After all, the beliefs we have are just a thought we keep thinking. We bang on and on about not having enough of anything and take the attention away from what we want enough of... I am prone to doing this myself at times. In my journey, I am all to aware that your thoughts create your actions and where will I be if I continue to think in an old belief system? Everyday in every way I am changing the belief and sometimes I write about how I have it all together yet I am a being who can have her off days too and usually I can coach myself to a better place. What then for the people who are still asleep out there? Who have no idea of anything greater than what they have in their lives...It can start simply enough with asking the questions above.....


  1. By bringing light to the room the darkness retreats, know that you do this even when no one responds and please keep bringing your light to the room. It helps.
    Love and hugs.

  2. Thanks Marie,

    Thanks also for informing Carly of my presence!


  3. Oh and I have this to say too. I can hear the same thing, even said the same way over and over again and until I hear the right pitch, the right turn of phrase, the right inflection, and have my mind in the right space will I really *HEAR* what is being said. Thank you for all you do,this blogger loves it.

  4. Oh really, something might come of that???

  5. I'm just waking up. I thought I was awake but I was wrong and so today I am just waking up. It makes me wonder what even higher level of wakefulness I might reach. Or is I am sleeping now. It's all rather confusing, actually, but I pinch myself, ask myself the difficult questions. And yes, on any given day the same question might bring about a completely different answer.

  6. Just being aware of the wakefulness is a brilliant start....Be free


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