Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today's Quote:

"People say that history repeats itself but no we repeat history." Unknown

Today's question:

Where are you repeating habits that no longer serve you?

About me:

There are many habits which were no longer serving me. I chose to let them go. They were unsupportive behaviours, which were taking me in the opposite direction to where I could see myself going and flourishing.
Choosing one at a time and working on that is a small step towards empowerment.
How can we change something unless we know it's there...right?
We can begin to become more aware of our choices and actions. We can become mindful in every moment and choose to go a different way, a way which will honour that which we claim to honour and value.
On a larger scale, together we could change the world, so that we no longer repeat history....We've been there and done that and just look at the state of the world. There is so much potential to do so much good and yet people continue to harm and destroy our planet. The place we can call home....


  1. I'm working at loosening my need for control. Trying to control gets me nowhere. Giving up to a more natural order seems to serve me a lot better, perhaps everyone.

  2. Trust in the giving up control.... :)


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