Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Why

Today's Quote: "He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." Friedrich Nietzsche

Today's Question: What is your why? What is your purpose?

A Bit About Me:
I work with people on many levels and finding out a client's purpose comes up often. When we have a purpose we can move through life connected to something that is meaningful rather than floating aimlessly and wandering down a path that could ultimately lead to self destruction.
This doesn't mean that the purpose stays the same forever, it can change and evolve and sometimes we feel pretty directionless and lost. Knowing that this is okay, you can gently begin to ask yourself the right questions to bring you back on track.
I recently went through a horrible bout of homesickness. I went back to the U.K and spent time with family. When I got back I thought I would be all ready to take on the world but I found myself upset easily, dismissive of my own achievements to date and asking myself was I living on purpose. I found I wasn't. My purpose had gone out the window and I felt rather adrift. We can all fall foul to this overcoming sense of loss when away from loved ones and seeing them again had brought it all back.
Working on myself calmly again, asking myself some gentle yet probing questions and allowing myself to go through this difficult time has lessened the discomfort I was feeling and whilst still missing family, I feel I am back on track.
I would love to hear what your why is.....♡

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