Friday, July 22, 2011

Living Life

Today's Quote above.

Today's Question: Have you hit the pause button on your life? What one small thing could you do today to have truly LIVED it?

A Bit About Me:
I have hit the pause button more often than I probably should have in my life.
I love this quote as when I was working with people suffering from life threatening illness's it came up a lot. I learnt that when faced with the threat of this being your last day on earth, my patients only wish was to hug their child, hold someone's hand that they loved, work (yes at like, a job) a simple wish and a man the same age as me whose one wish was simply to be out in the waves for one last time. Sadly he never got to surf again. These people touched the very essence of my being in ways I would never have imagined and I must remind myself of their strength and courage every single day.
As I said, I have hit the pause button so many times on myself, my work, my business, on life in general and even though I live in a state of limbo suspended between countries, homes and states of being, I am starting to feel more comfortable in that place and realize that wherever I am I can live each day in hope of seeing the next day blossom with the fruits of my labour yet knowing this is not promised to me ♥

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