Thursday, March 03, 2011

Burst Out

Today's Quote:

"Even if it is seldom allowed to see the light of day, you know that this smile is somewhere inside you, ready to burst out." ~ Byron Katie

Today's Question:

What step can you take today to let that smile burst out?

A Bit About Me:
I have been feeling lots of changes lately. I wanted to let go of my role and was recently given the option and freedom to make that choice. I decided to let it go. This was a hard decision as I love my patients but I need some reconnection time for me and I am planning a trip back to the UK in June to see my family and friends.
Over the next couple of months I will mainly be doing yoga, meditation, reconnection with my needs and desires and then using the time of travelling to the UK to discover what is next for me.
I am lucky and feel so blessed that I have the ability to do this and lucky that my husband is oh so supportive of whatever my wish is. I have recently started coaching again and realised just how much I enjoy seeing people grow and change into better versions of themselves. That is after all, one joy I get from life. Self awareness is so important.
I have learnt so much from the role I have been in for the past year and I have lovely memories of patients who have sadly passed and many who have touched my heart in the craziest of memories are in the making now...........ready to burst forth x

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