Sunday, December 20, 2009

True Peace

Today's Quote:

"True peace is not just freedom from fear, but freedom from want." ~ Barack Obama (at his Nobel Peace Price acceptance speech)

Today's Questions:

In what ways are you keeping peace?

How can you be free from want?

About me:
I am keeping peace by going inside and truly knowing myself. This is a daily undertaking and one that is sometimes challenging. I want many things for myself and my family yet I know that we are all so very lucky and I am grateful for that. It would be icing on the cake but that's not to say that the cake tastes bad without it.....


  1. Seasons greetings Yvonne and may 2010 bring much that you find fullfilling and heart-warming!

  2. Yvonne it gives me peace knowing that you are helping others. You who give peace.

    Love Renee xoxo


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