Monday, May 18, 2009


Today's quote:

"You can't see the angels, you can't see the air. You can't see my love but it's everywhere." Anonymous

Today's question:

What can't you see but know is present in your life?

What gifts are all around you if you choose to look?

About me:

It recently became clear to me that I have so much love inside me to share with everyone. There is a song which I love by a band called Love. It's called Alone Again Or. One of the lines goes like this "Yeah.... heard a funny thing, somebody said to know that I could be in love with almost everyone. I think that people are the greatest fun." See video below.

When, like myself, you have true self-acceptance, you can actually view the world with non-judgmental eyes and see that yes, people may be different but we are all carrying around baggage. When we can dump it....Wow, that's authentic living.
This is why I coach people. I want everyone I love to feel this way.

Believe me took a long time for me to be this open to change but when I was.....again WOW- anything is possible!!

Go look for the gifts....


  1. Everything is possible. I love almost everyone too.

    I love this blog.


  2. I know I'm not seeing everything I should right now. I do see the beauty though, vast oceans of it.

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments.

    I am brimming over with love right now. I see it, speak it, feel it, give it.

    So many of my beautiful (old and new) friends turned up for my leaving cocktail night and it allowed me to feel the love in the room!

    XX pass on the love to the world around you....


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