Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What you could

Today's Quote:

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today's Question:

What would it take for you to be content with your day's achievements?

About me:
I have recently decided to go and work in a Not-for-profit organisation which enhances the lives of people. I have actually made it to a third interview with such an organisation here in New Zealand. I may then do weekend coaching for a few select clients whom I feel I can assist in living a more authentic life.
I have spent today preparing for this third interview but at the end of the day I got this far by being myself and if the role is meant for me then it will be.
I am happy with my achievements today so far...I have done what I could...have you?


  1. Good luck and may you get what you want and more than you can ever imagine!!
    I am fine with what I have done at the end of everyday. Unless of course I measure it to others or judge it by the amount of money I have.I have got to stop doing that.
    How wonderful for you to have the courage and the space to follow your dream!! You go girl!!!

  2. Sounds exciting! I hope you get the position and it feeds you and you it.

    Me? I'm content when I have met the world with an open mind, when I meet strangers and welcome them in comfortably, when I don't judge, when I don't let the toil of the day tire my spirit. Then I am pleased with the day.


It makes my day when you say what you want to say.....