Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today's Quote:

"The seeds of wisdom, peace and wholeness are within each of our difficulties." Jack Kornfield


What could some of your difficulties be teaching you?

About me: I have faced many difficulties recently. I have changed so much as a person and continue to change every day. It's good change and it wasn't until I began reading A Path With Heart by Jack K that I realised that my spiritual practice is growing as a result of these difficulties, changes and the questioning of everything in my life. It is actually great to be pushed into new places and seek out new paths. I am in a place of contemplation and meditation of what may be coming into my life next.
Unsure and not even thinking of sharing with the world my ideas of what may happen is a theme I have to get comfortable with. One of the main parts of me before was sharing too early. Only to have people be confused. Not that I am living my life for other people but people can become wary if a person changes too much right in front of them. One thing I will say....I am excited about my future. I am growing every day in this beautiful life.


  1. If you are ready for the change that is what is important. Is that you are ready and can accept it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Always and every day I look to the difficulties for lessons. Everything, really. I'm learning how strong I am and how weak, how loved I am, how forgiven, and how resented, and not in all of the expected places. I'm learning I'm much more fallible and mercurial than I'd like. I'm learning that there is much that I can't see, that patience is in fact a virtue, and that perhaps there is design to life.

    I'm glad there is cause for excitement in your life. I'm not one to hold back. I've little to no edit button. I think if others can't handle it, my changes, then it is for them to look to themselves to understand why as I would have to do the same.


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