Saturday, August 01, 2009

Looking in the mirror

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Note: This post may require you to look at aspects of yourself that you may not want to see. Look away now if you feel this is too much to ask of yourself.

Today's Quote:

"It is not always a pretty picture we see before us. Staring at the uglier wrinkles in your soul, you'll realize that some hard work with fresh crayons is called for, because the map of the world that you've lived by is going to need to be redrawn." Suzanne Clothier

Today's Question:

Peering at the uglier wrinkles in your soul....which piece or pieces of your map could be redrawn?
s in your soul....which piece or p

About me:

I have been reading Suzanne's book recently. I have never had a dog and now I live with one, I wished to know more about these fascinating animals. My mother-in-law gave me many books and highly recommended Suzanne's book. I find her to be an amazing writer.
Bruno is 19 months old. He behaves very times. I have been taking him out for the past 3 days on my walks. I have completely fallen in love with this beautiful natured dog and love spending time playing with him. My intention for reading the book is to gain a deeper insight into doggy behaviour. One thing I am coming to realize is that we must look at ourselves when training a dog. People ponder over the reason why dogs do certain things, why they misbehave and why they just don't do as they are told yet they rarely look at their own behaviours and motivations for doing something. Having a dog to learn and grow with may just be the best thing for my spiritual growth.


  1. I have always thought that this does apply to children too. They are what we give them, so choose good!
    I also think that some of the wrinkles I see in the mirror I have judged through others eyes. I am finding on closer inspection that those might be my greatest and most worthy attributes. They are also the things that make me most vulnerable.

  2. Yvonne that is so true. They do the same with their children and wonder why they misbehave.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxo


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